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Republic of the Philippines SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM E-6 COV- APPLICATION FOR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD (02-2011) Please read the instructions/reminders at the back before accomplishing this form. Print
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/MOTHER'S NAME (UNIT OF BIRTH) FIRST MOTHER'S NAME (PLACE OF BIRTH) SONS (NAME OF SON) (EVERY SON) DATE OF BIRTH(MM/DD/YYYY) SURROGATE STATUS (RESIDENCY) (AJUNAS/INEGLAS) (AJUNAS) (INEGLAS) (MARIKAS/MANGAS) (MARIKAS) (MANGUAS/PAGAS) (MANGAS) ADDRESS (ADDRESS) CITY/TERRITORY OF BIRTH ZIP CODE FOR ATTACHMENT EXAMPLE : 08-2213-23-44-45 SIDE OF ADDRESSPERMS (IF ANY) 1. I am the applicant for the Social Security Application (SSA) Number(s) listed below; 2. I am a citizen of the Philippines; 3. I am 18 years of age now; 4. I am currently enrolled in the Philippines Postsecondary Education System; 5. I am seeking to apply for the Social Security Number for the purpose of requesting a Social Security Account number. PART II - TO BE FILLED OUT BY THE APPLICANT (I - II) (E-5) (I) Name: (Last Name) (First Name) Surname: (Prefix) (D.O.B.) (MM/DD/YYYY)-(Title) (Title Deceased) SEX: (Male/Female) (Male/Female) (Male/Female) SAC NUMBER: (SSA Number) (Number, Separator) (Number, Separator) (Number, Separator) (Number, Separator) (Number, Separator) (Number, Separator) (Number, Separator) (Number, Separator) PHONE NUMBER: (PHONE ID) 2. I have completed and filled out the Social Security Number Application (SSA) Number below using only pen and paper. 3. I understand my information will be used only for that particular application and will be used only for purposes of providing the applicant with the Social Security Number for which is to be issued. 4. I understand that the applicant may need to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify his information and that he will need to verify his information again upon completion of the SSA
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Hi Janice here of B'Nazi investor today I'm going to share with you how to apply for social security number or how to get your SS number before we start I'd like to invite you to visit my new blog which is Piney investor mom calm here are a few reminders before you get your SS number remember that your SS number is your lifetime number you should not have more than one SS number second is the assignment of an SS number does not automatically make the registrant nor his dependents SSS members the third is to become an SSS member you must be employed by a covered employer and the fourth is new registrant who is over 60 years old and not the surviving spouse pensioner or guardian of a pensioner is not qualified to apply for an SS number so if you're a prospective employee, and you want to get your SSS number for the first time you need to follow the following procedures by the way this is the SS se1 form and this is what we are going to use for the application of your SS number so here are the procedures so the first thing that you need to do is to fill out the see one form and make sure you use black pen or black ink you have to print your information in capital letters fill out the applicable portions as follows so four parts one a B and D if applying for SS number as pre-employment requirements for parts 1 a B C and D if applying for self-employed overseas Filipino worker or non-working spouse membership and for Part 1 B dependents or beneficiaries use additional sheet for dependents or beneficiaries if necessary, so again this is the SSS e one form this is what we are going to use to apply for SS number I'll give you the link at the description box below, and you have the option to download this form, or you can also get the form at the SSS branch office the second step is to prepare the following requirements or documents see ID cards and/or documents for the issuance of SS number you need to present your birth certificate or in its absence any of the following documents such as web decimal certificate driver's license passport PRC card or seaman's book if you don't have any of the above ID cards and/or documents any two of the following documents both with the correct name and at least one with date of birth so just read through this list, and I'll also give you a link to this, so you can check it out on your own for additional supporting documents just read through this as well marriage contract or marriage certificate and for reporting children you may have to bring birth certificates or baptismal certificates of your child or your children, so again I'll just post the link to this list of documentary requirements at the description box below okay, so this is very important always present the original or certified true copy when submitting the photocopies of the required ID cards and/or documents and this is for authentication purposes and the third step is to submit the two copies of see one form to the SSS office together with the...
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